Choosing the Right Winter Duvet Inner NZ

The right duvet inner can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. There are many different options available on the market, including synthetic fills and natural materials such as wool, cotton or feathers.

There are also different thicknesses and sizes to consider. The best winter duvet inner nz will provide warmth and insulation, while remaining light and breathable.


The material used to make your duvet inner can be one of the most important factors in a good night’s sleep. Breathable natural materials like wool and cotton can help regulate your body temperature during the night. Feather and down duvet inners feature insulating clusters that work with your body’s natural warmth, offering a luxuriously warm yet lightweight experience.

Synthetic duvet fillings like microfibre and hollowfibre polyester can be a great choice for those who want a duvet inner that is easy care and affordable. They offer a soft and lofty feeling and are usually machine washable. However, they may not insulate as well as natural fillings and may lose shape over time.

When shopping for a new duvet inner, it’s also worth considering the GSM (grams per square metre) of the fabric. GSM is a measure of the duvet inner’s textile weight and can influence its feel and warmth. You can find the GSM in the duvet inners product description or speak to your local Briscoes team if you’re unsure.


Choosing a duvet inner made from natural fibres like cotton, wool and pure New Zealand down can help you regulate your body temperature and stay comfortable all year round. Natural fillings are softer, more breathable and take less energy to produce than synthetic materials such as microfibre.

If you have allergies, consider a hypoallergenic duvet inner. These are made from a non-allergenic polyester or cotton to help you get a good night’s sleep. Some also come in a merino blend for added softness and warmth.

When shopping for a duvet inner, pay attention to the fill weight and loft, which is measured in GSM or grams per square metre. A higher GSM will give the duvet a plumper look and feel warmer but may also be pricier. You can find this information in the product description or ask your local Briscoes team.


Choosing the right duvet inner can help you get a better night’s sleep. From the warmth of a feather and down duvet inner to the softness of New Zealand made wool there is a variety of options to suit all budgets.

A clean and fresh duvet inner is important because it helps you to get a better night’s sleep. The build-up of stains can lead to an unpleasant smell and may be a breeding ground for dust mites, which can cause a range of health issues from watery eyes to asthma.

If your duvet has a stain, try washing it in the machine with cool water and a mild detergent. If your duvet has a synthetic filling, wash it as per the care instructions and ensure it’s properly dried before storing. You can also air your duvet each morning and fold it back up in the evening to reduce moisture and odours. This will also prevent the formation of mould.


It’s not just the size of your duvet cover or doona that matters, you also need to consider the size of your duvet inner nz. At Briscoes, we have a wide variety of duvet inner sizes including cot and queen to California king duvet inners made from warm wool and alpaca, luxurious goose or duck feather and down and cotton, microfibre, silk and natural plant fibres.

The best duvet inner for your bed will depend on your preferred sleeping conditions and temperature preferences. Every duvet inner has a warmth rating called a tog which indicates how much thermal insulation it has. A higher tog rating will be warmer than a lower one.

The type of duvet inner you choose will also depend on your budget and sleeping conditions. Generally, we recommend choosing a higher momme weight, as this will be softer than cotton and help with regulating your body heat. This will ensure that you get a restful night’s sleep.