Pelican Air Cases Are Up to 40% Lighter

For decades, Pelican cases have been a favorite for adventure travelers, mountaineers, and explorers. The company’s website features stories of cases that have survived explosions, lion attacks, shifting pack ice and airplane crashes.

Now, with the Air case series, Pelican has created a lighter protective case that can fit in most airline maximum dimension carry-on sizes. It’s up to 40% lighter than the Protector and Storm cases.

Lighter Than Other Polymer Cases

When you’re hauling sensitive equipment, every ounce counts. These cases are up to 40% lighter than Pelican’s classic polymer cases, yet maintain the same durable protection. They open with easy press-and-pull latches that lock securely shut with a reassuring snap. They feature stainless steel reinforced padlock holes for security, and the waterproof O-ring seals to IP67 standards so your gear is safe from water damage. They’re designed for maximum airline carry-on dimensions, so you can avoid oversize baggage fees and reclaim some of your valuable flight time. Choose from pick-n-pluck foam, padded dividers or TrekPak divider kits to customize your case for your specific gear.

A retractable extension handle slides out of the end of the case and is long enough for my 6’ 1” frame to comfortably grip. Side and top lid organizers keep smaller items secure, and clear mesh pockets provide spots to tuck away passports and travel documents. Raised ribs add strength and rigidity, and the feet on same-length case models interlock for stacking.

Built for Versatility

Whether you’re heading out for a weekend camping trip or an overseas adventure, you need to protect your valuable gear. Pelican cases are built to meet your needs with multiple options for organization and secure access. Zippered compartments keep accessories neatly stacked and see-through mesh pockets secure passports, cables or cameras. You can even customize your case with Trekpak dividers or Pick N Pluck foam interior solutions that fit precisely to your equipment.

The lightweight yet rugged HPX resin makes these cases up to 40% lighter than our classic Protector and Storm Case series while still upholding the same legendary durability. Drop tested and submerged to ensure ruggedness, these cases are designed for the long haul.

Built to Last

Pelican cases are shock-resistant, dustproof, watertight and military-spec certified. They protect sensitive electronics, cameras and first aid kits in harsh environments and rugged situations. Pelican’s injection molded Protector, Storm and Air case series are built with a tough-as-nails polypropylene construction. And the newest case, the Pelican Air series is up to 40% lighter than other Pelican cases of the same size.

The Air series is constructed with HPX2, our next generation of lighter proprietary polypropylene resin. With its honeycomb structure, it rebounds from impact, is up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases and submersible in a meter of water for 20 minutes.

It’s a great choice for airline travel, or carrying your gear on the go. And it’s backed by the Pelican legendary Lifetime Guarantee.

Lifetime Guarantee

The Pelican Air series is up to 40% lighter and backed by the Pelican Lifetime Guarantee. These cases can cut your gear’s weight without sacrificing durability or functionality.

Whether you are carrying valuable equipment, sensitive electronics or critical data, Pelican Air cases will help you get to your destination safely. You can count on these protective cases to withstand the harshest environments, rough handling and unpredictable situations.

Pelican Air Cases have a sleeker design than the Protector and Storm case lines but offer the same level of protection. They feature easy-open “Press and Pull” latches tested to military specifications and quieter rolling stainless steel wheels.

Pelican Air cases are available in a wide range of sizes and colors so you can choose the one that fits your specific needs. They are perfect for protecting survey equipment, firearms, camera tripods and other long equipment. They also meet airline carry-on and checked baggage policies.

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