Where to Buy iPad Stands

If you’re a fan of Netflix binges or need an easy way to hold your iPad stand while cooking, try this affordable option from Amazon Basic. This stand offers comfortable hands-free viewing and is compatible with tablets sized four to 10 inches.

Most tablet stands are adjustable, so they can accommodate smaller-screened devices as well as big-screened ones like the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Look for a model that can fold almost flush against the wall for a sleek appearance when not in use.

Satechi R1 Foldable Stand

The updated Satechi R1 quickly elevates any mobile device or tablet for an optimal viewing experience. It has a sturdy aluminum construction with supporting grips finished in rubber to hold the iPad or other device without scratching it or slipping. It’s compatible with most cases, too.

Its 270-degree mount and 180-degree base hinges can be adjusted to the perfect height and angle to help minimize neck strain when checking email, making FaceTime calls or watching movies. The stand also folds and collapses easily to fit in a briefcase or backpack for on-the-go use.

The sleek aluminum design looks great in any environment, whether you’re streaming home workout videos or having an online meeting. It’s fully compatible with select Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as most 4″ to 13″ tablets and smartphones. The Satechi R1 foldable stand works great for consuming online content, video conferencing with family or coworkers, following recipes in the kitchen and even doing business presentations.

CTA Digital Gooseneck Floor Stand

Exceptional flexibility, adjustability and mobility make this tablet floor stand an ideal addition to any living room, study, doctor’s office or classroom. Its easy-to-setup height-adjustable gooseneck with headpiece rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to position your device at any angle or orientation. Its attachable storage cradle, perfect for an external battery pack or stack of business cards, fits securely around your tablet while leaving ports and buttons accessible. 5 powerful swivel casters easily attach to the chrome-plated stand base, providing easy mobility in your home, retail space, or classroom.

If you want a versatile tablet stand at an affordable price, look no further than the idee Floor Stand. While it may not have as many features as our top pick, its elastic gripper holds devices from 4 to 13 inches and serves its intended purpose well at an incredibly low price.

Lamicall Adjustable Clamp Stand

Between your phone, tablet and laptop, it can be easy for your nightstand or desk to become a messy nest of cables. Luckily, Lamicall makes a variety of stylish device stands that help you stay organized, and they’re currently on sale at Amazon.

This portable stand is designed to hold your iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet or Kindle, but it’s also compatible with other devices that are less than 13 inches. Its gooseneck is extremely flexible and can be rotated in any direction.

The best part is that this clamp stand doesn’t require a flat surface to mount, and it’s perfect for use on exercise equipment or desktops where space is limited. You can even mount it to your bedframe to watch movies while you sleep. This will undoubtedly make your sleeping experience more fun and comfortable. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to experience entertainment in a comfy position.

Omoton Universal Stand

This stand is a great choice for tablets because it is so portable. It folds flat so that it fits in the palm of your hand, making it easy to bring with you on business trips or vacations. It also has a hole on the back for threading in a power cord or USB cable, which makes it even more versatile.

The holder features dual shafts that allow you to adjust the height and angle of your tablet, which is perfect for watching videos or FaceTime calls. It can also be adjusted for horizontal or vertical viewing when using your tablet as a laptop. Its durable design also ensures that it will remain stable, no matter how much pressure is applied to the mount. It is also made of high-quality materials that will keep your iPad safe from scratches and dents.

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