Heat Pump Auckland – A Clean Alternative to Natural Gas Heating

Heat pumps are a popular way to warm up New Zealand’s notoriously cold homes. They are an energy efficient and clean alternative to traditional natural gas heating.

However, they can be expensive to install. Research by Consumer NZ found the cost of a typical 6 kW heat pump can vary from $750 to $1350.


Heat pumps are a modern, energy-efficient way to control your indoor climate. They use electricity to transfer heat from the air rather than burning fuel to create it, and they can be used to provide both heating and cooling. They also require less maintenance than traditional heating systems, and are long-lasting.

Whether you want to cool your home in summer or warm it up in winter, there’s a heat pump Auckland to suit your needs. This technology is becoming more popular in New Zealand, and its benefits make it an excellent option for homes of all sizes.

These systems can reduce your energy costs significantly compared to gas heaters, and some even offer a zero-carbon option if they’re powered by solar, wind or hydro. They also offer a range of other benefits, including dehumidification and adding value to your property. The best heat pumps will have a COP of 3 or higher for heating and cooling, though the COP drops in cold temperatures.


Heat pumps extract the warmth from the air around them. Then they pump it into your home using refrigerant coils similar to those behind your fridge. This makes them more energy-efficient than other forms of heating. They also consume less electricity.

They work in reverse to cool your home in summer, providing air conditioning and temperature control at the touch of a button. They are the perfect solution for Auckland’s temperamental subtropical climate.

A heat pump is more durable than traditional heating options, and it can last a very long time with regular maintenance. The main thing to remember is that heat pumps must be correctly sized for their environment. If they’re too small, they will over-work themselves to reach the desired temperature and will wear out prematurely.

If your heat pump isn’t keeping your home as warm as it should be, or you’re seeing high power bills, then it’s probably time for a new unit. Contact the professionals at Heat Pump City to discuss your requirements. They offer a wide range of products and are certified Fujitsu installers but can set up other brands as well.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike other forms of heating that burn fossil fuels, heat pumps transfer existing warmth from the air into your home using refrigerant coils similar to those in your fridge. It’s an energy-efficient solution that works well in insulated homes.

It does not emit harmful pollutants or emissions, making it the environmentally friendly choice. It also uses electricity to operate – however, this is from a renewable source and so carries significantly less carbon cost than other alternatives.

For every kilowatt of electricity used to warm your home, it produces three kW of heating, which is far more efficient than electric or gas heaters. To ensure consistency and piece of mind, Mitsubishi Electric only use certified installers that are recognised by the brand for having the expertise, training, specialist equipment, and sound trade practices. This is also a prerequisite to receiving their 6-year warranty. This gives you confidence in the knowledge that your installation has been completed correctly, and will give you optimum performance.


Heat pumps have become popular in New Zealand over the last few years because they are the perfect solution for automated indoor temperature control all year round. Compared to fuel-powered heaters or air conditioners, they are more economical and don’t put a strain on the environment.

High wall mounted Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are the most popular choice for Kiwis due to their space saving design and quality. These systems can connect up to eight indoor units with a single outdoor unit and provide individual room temperature adjustment. They also feature state of the art control choices including Wi-Fi.

If you are building a new home, consider installing your heat pump system during the construction process. This will save on installation costs and ensure the ducting is properly sized. It’s also a great way to make sure that your house is as energy efficient as possible. The team at Flocon is highly experienced and can install your heat pump system at a time that suits you.

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